Commissioned by the Hungarian Bocuse Academy and Hungexpo, our design department and our own team of carpenters designed and built the Hungarian gastronomy stand for the 2015 Sirha International Gastronomy Trade Fair. Our aim in developing the concept was to make the venue both practical and decorative. We envisioned the project first and foremost as a restaurant rather than a stand, which allowed function to define form. We dreamed up an open, breezy structure, which we combined with the newly developed bistro culture of Budapest. Our young designers illustrated the characteristics of the capital as seen through their eyes and recreated the atmosphere, which makes us fall in love with the city again and again. We went on to build the stand in only 3 days using real materials, which have their own stories: we combined recycled boards, torn down beams, bricks and Art Nouveau cement boards with raw, concrete­like surfaces and modern design. The project won a 3rd prize at the 2015 LolliPOP BTL and Communication Awards in the category of Installations.

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